Example of a Glade Sense & Spray. A Clear Springs Sense & Spray Starter Kit.

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Glade Sense & Spray Automatic Freshener is a Glade product Corn Sky really likes. He bought his first Sense & Spray air freshener in November 2013, with his most recent one bought 3 years later in November 2016. He has a lot of them. Sense & Spray is Corn Sky's most favorite Glade air freshener product. (Since he likes them so much, it is estimated he has about 38 Glade Sense & Spray air fresheners).

Glade Sense & Spray Scents AvailableEdit

  • Apple Cinnamon.
  • Cashmere Woods.
  • Clean Linen.
  • Hawaiian Breeze.
  • Lavender & Vanilla.